AI4TV 2021

3rd International Workshop on AI for Smart TV Content Production, Access and Delivery

at the ACM Multimedia 2021 Conference (MM 2021), October 20-24, 2021


This workshop follows the very successful two editions of AI4TV that took place at ACM Multimedia 2019 in Nice (France) and ACM Multimedia 2020 (online). It aims to bring together experts from academia and industry in order to discuss the latest research progresses on topics related to multimodal information analysis, and in particular, semantic analysis of video, audio, and textual information for intelligent digital TV content production, compliance, access and delivery. Such topics include, but are not limited to, the following multimedia analysis techniques for broadcasted TV and radio programs as well as large TV archives:

  • Multimodal content analysis: scene segmentation, person recognition, object detection, speaker gender recognition, speaker diarization, topic identification using video, audio and metadata
  • Multimodal embeddings for multimedia (audio, visual, text, Knowledge Graph)
  • Automatic multimedia summarization
  • Automatic deep captioning and automatic content description
  • Interactive multimodal search in archives
  • Hyperlinking and enrichment of TV content
  • Anomaly and violation detection in TV media contents
  • Automated TV content and camera compliance (emotion detection, fire detection, etc.)
  • Media-rich fake news detection
  • Breaking the language barrier of TV content using multimodal translation
  • Gender studies on TV and radio programs


The main goal of the workshop is to promote AI and multimedia analysis for smart content production and delivery with the emphasis on large TV and radio program archives. This workshop is a good opportunity to bring together leading experts in academia and industry together to discuss the current state of the art, challenges and future steps in smart content delivery.

AI4TV 2021 calls for two types of submissions:

  • Full paper (6-8 pages + up to 2 pages of references)
  • Demo paper (2 pages)
(The submission system will open soon)


  • Submission deadline: 19 July 2021, 23:59 AoE
  • Notifications of acceptance: 29 August 2021 
  • Camera ready submission: 06 September 2021, 23:59 AoE


Detailed program coming soon


Raphaël Troncy, EURECOM, France
Jorma Laaksonen, Aalto University, Finland
Hamed R. Tavakoli, Nokia Technologies, Finland
Vasileios Mezaris, CERTH-ITI, Greece
Lyndon Nixon, MODUL Technology GmbH, Austria
Mohammad Hosseini, Intel, USA.

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